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Centric Life Coaches know that at times life can be very challenging for even the most well balanced and disciplined people. In these situations, a solid unbiased sounding board can be of imperative importance to navigate through difficult times. Our goal is a no-nonsense approach to helping you align priorities, establish self-discipline, and achieve mental and physical good health. Staying mentally and physically balanced is the key to having the energy to fight and win the daily struggles of life.


A life coach is someone you can talk to about all aspects of life. Coaches can help set goals and overcome obstacles that prohibit you from achieving your full potential. Coaches focus on the present, what a person wants in the future, and how to make it happen.

what can i expect using a life coach?

Although some people can make drastic changes over very short periods of time, it is not the norm. Change generally comes slowly as bad habits and choices are eliminated and a more positive direction is formulated. Our goal for people is a complete understanding of where we stand in the world, our responsibilities, how to prioritize them, and how to formulate a plan to succeed in implementing them. As we move through the coaching process you should be more productive, more energetic, more confident, and be much happier and have higher feeling of general wellness.

take the next step, but know that
time is precious

Our time is one of our most precious resources, if you aren’t serious about making changes in your life coaching will not be impactful. However, if you are ready to make changes, I have thousands of hours of real-life coaching experience and feel that I can make immediate and permanent changes in the quality and happiness of your life.

why do i coach?

Through my personal quest to find balance and happiness I have determined the only thing in life that truly gives me purpose is having a positive impact on others. I take a great deal of pride in helping others to lead happier more productive lives. Coaching others does just as much for me as it does for them and I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love so much.

David busch, centric life coach
Jessica Fernandez, Esq.

For the past ten years, Dave Busch has been a loyal friend, confident, and mentor to me.  From the moment I met him, I could easily see his positive impact on others – bringing out the best in everyone he met.  It was magnetic.  His life experiences make him a treasure and the perfect individual to entrust your struggles with.  It seemed that whenever I had lost direction in my life, his words and advice allowed me to discover my own capabilities, strength, and confidence.  Rather than pushing me to be someone I wasn’t, Dave gave me the insight to learn who I really was and to explore and develop my own strengths and talents.  As a result, ten years later, I am thankful to be successful in my profession, and the path ahead of me is more clearer than ever.  To this day, I can think of no one better who I would seek guidance from during any obstacle in my life.

Kristen Dean

I’ve known Dave for over ten years. He has been a dedicated coworker, confidant, coach and best friend.  He’s always been available when I needed to find a more positive direction in life. When I could not think straight he was there to guide and encourage me, and to help me make good choices for myself, and my family. Dave is that friend and coach you go to when you seek guidance, but like it or not, without the bias.  And what I have cherished most, is no matter how big or small my situation was, he was always there.

Jamie Davis
Nashville Recording Artist

Dave has been a huge part of the success I’ve been blessed with personally and professionally. His energy has a positive effect on everyone he comes in contact with.  Dave has helped me attain so many of my goals in my life/career and probably doesn’t even know it. Our conversations have been meaningful, enlightening and have helped me to find direction through some difficult times. I’m proud to call him my friend and coach. I can never repay him for the things he’s done.

Dalton Baker

In my experience, people in society today, weather they’ve reached the age of reason or not, know that at some point, life will throw a major setback, or a full blown catastrophe. Thankfully, most events happen in such a way, it is more often than not easier to lean on or rely on someone trustworthy and that you feel comfortable with. I’ve personally had a few experiences where I have found myself creating a dialogue with Dave, so he could respond with his own life’s experience, and use them in an effort to advise (or simply discuss my situation), all while operating his own business with employees to manage. I especially appreciated the time he spent to really connect, no matter how busy he was. After taking about some of life’s issues or conflicts, my mind set, or my overall outlook rather, changed to a more positive state. I truly hope Dave can continue influencing others in such a a positive way.

Rick Maples
Former U.S. Army Major; Former Florida State Trooper; Current Security Supervisor

Several months ago Dave and I began having discussions on overall life happiness, expectations and relationship advice. Through these in-depth discussions Dave conveyed and provided me insight into issues and faults that I did not, or was not, able to recognize in myself. Dave provided ways to address my shortcomings in the aforementioned areas based on his own life experiences. As a result of Dave’s assistance, I am better able to recognize, understand and deal with issues of life experiences that I have struggled with in the past. Dave is not only a good coach/counselor; he is also a dear friend.

Joseph Loomis
Cybersponse Adaptive Security

I have known David for more than 15 years and since our first interaction, we clicked. He was a mentor, friend and a major influence to the success I achieve in life. His advice, candor, respect and sincere approach helped me overcome serious setbacks in my life. Dave is one of the most grounded people I know, his advice comes from the heart and is loved by more people than I personally know. Once Dave is engaged, you have someone to help you through the tough times and someone to celebrate the accomplishments. Without my friendship with Dave, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and he is one of the only people I can truly trust, respect and honor for their life’s work in helping others.

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